Membership in Grosse Pointe Theatre Has Its Benefits!

Grosse Pointe Theatre members take pride in their productions and in the friendships they gain by working together for a common goal. We are all volunteers from many surrounding communities. We welcome new members!

Joining GPT is only the first step. The more active you become, the more benefits you receive … and the more fun you can have! Our members have opportunities beyond the Main Stage:

  • Workshops/Education – Featured at our bi-monthly Membership Meetings, workshops offer new directors, writers and performers, a voice and place to share their talents. Specific education classes are also offered throughout the year.
  • Ushering – Ushers are needed for each performance. This is not only a great chance to see each show, but an opportunity to get involved and meet our patrons.
  • Volunteer Roles – GPT depends on our members to help build sets, to sew costumes, to find props, to design lights, to coordinate make-up and hair … you get he idea … to Get Involved!
  • Sock & Buskin – Our official newsletter has evolved with the times. It’s now a monthly electronic publication. Check out photos and stay up to date with what’s going on!
  • Membership Directory – Published in December, it gives you the contact information to reach other members, and allows them to reach you.
  • Social Times – Beyond the spotlight of the stage, GPT is a “family” that offers a welcoming community feeling. Special social events like the Annual Awards Dinner, Summer Picnic and Closing Cast/Crew Parties are open to all members and help us stay connected.
  • Discounted Tickets – 50% off ten (10) tickets per season (Mainstage performances only).

Grosse Pointe Theatre is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors, which meets monthly. Dues are $45.00 for the fiscal season. (July 1 – June 30).

If you have any questions prior to or after joining, please contact us at 313-881-4004 or at grossepointetheatre@gmail.com.

Grosse Pointe Theatre Member Agreement

As a volunteer or member of Grosse Pointe Theatre (GPT), I understand that I have agreed to volunteer my time and talents toward accomplishing the goals of said organization. I also understand and agree that the organization, its instructors, agents, and employees are not responsible for my welfare or behavior while I am participating in any volunteer duties on behalf of the theatre. The organization assumes no responsibility or liability for my actions, or for those of any other participant. I do, therefore, release, and forever discharge Grosse Pointe Theatre, its instructors, agents and employees from any and all injuries, expenses, and liabilities whatsoever, incurred as a result of my participation as a volunteer, including, but not limited to: any negligence or any other act of omission on the part of the organization, its instructors, agents, or employees. I consent to the use of my name and/or likeness in promotional materials, including social media. I understand that I am responsible to understand and follow the GPT Code of Conduct.
I have read, understand and accept.

Grosse Pointe Theatre Code of Conduct Policy

A Member will:

  1. Represent the organization with professionalism, dignity and pride.
  2. Display respect and courtesy for employees, volunteers, program participants, visitors and property.
  3. Respect others regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability and/or sexual orientation.
  4. Be respectful by not humiliating, degrading, ridiculing, threatening employees, volunteers, program participants and visitors.
  5. Respect the privacy of persons served by the organization and hold in confidence sensitive, private and personal information.
  6. Keep Board of Directors informed of progress, concerns and problems within a given program.
  7. Keep personal opinions and actions separate from those made as a representative of Grosse Pointe Theatre.
  8. Avoid conduct which would jeopardize program effectiveness.
  9. Avoid vulgar and inappropriate language at all times.
  10. Refrain from gratuities, gifts or bequests for personal benefit.
  11. Not use illicit drugs and alcohol during rehearsals/performances. Use of illicit drugs and smoking is prohibited in the building at 315 Fisher Road and in the Grosse Pointe War Memorial at all times.
  12. Behave respectfully and appropriately when speaking and interacting with children
  13. or young adults
  14. Avoid being alone with children or young adults.
  15. Provide a safe environment for our children.

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